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HD Vision Visor

HD Vision Visor

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HD Vision Visor




More info


More info

Block out blinding sun and glare easily and turn your visor into high definition day or night with the HD Vision Visor

It cuts down glare, brightens vision, and enhances colour, clarity, and contrast. HD Vision Visor's secret is a clear polycarbonate specially tinted to diffuse strong sunlight and glare; and reduce headlight glare at night. It’s simple, easy, and requires no special tools or batteries. It works on any car, truck, or caravan as long as you have a visor already installed.

  • Reduces blinding glare from the sun during the day
  • Brightens vision and cuts harsh headlight glare at night
  • Enhances colour, clarity and contrast
  • 100% polycarbonate plastic
  • Quick and easy to install - clips onto any visor in seconds

How should I clean the HD Vision Visor?

The HD Vision Visor should not be cleaned with solvents (such as glass or surface cleaners). A mild solution of soap and water may be used. Or the product may be wiped gently with a clean cloth. Cleaners made for acrylics may be used according to their instructions.

If I’m driving all day and need to use both visors, do I need to flip the position of the HD Visor?

No you don’t. Install the device according to the instructions provided and you can use the relevant visor required at any given time by flipping the daytime lens towards the windshield.

What is the HD Visor made from?

Both HD Visors are made from 100% tinted polycarbonate plastic.

Which visor should I use for the daytime?

The orange visor is best suited for the daytime and the yellow visor is ideal for night-time.

What are the dimensions of HD Vision Visor?

The dimensions for HD Vision Visor are 30cm by 13cm.


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HD Vision Visor

HD Vision Visor

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