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About Us

Ch'riHani® is a wholly owned Web Store of the Hi-Tech Corp company, high quality products importer and one of the 1st Companies that offer semi-wholesale prices for retail sales. We aims to build a unique environment of excellence, providing the world with innovative products with the best value for money.

We go the extra mile to make sure our customers are satisfied with the products we deliver. Being the direct products importer, this allow us to have the best and out of reach price a customer can find on any retailers. And we only offer for sale products that are really in stock and physically being stored in our warehouses! so our customers can have peace of mind that they have got the best price for their orders, and those are being processed quickly after the purchase is confirmed; because we know from experience that this service mainly on the internet is very important, this to strengthen the trust you have placed in us by entrusting us with your orders.

Ch'riHani®  is one of the pioneers of internet sales sites, this is the reason why we know this business and the expectations of our customers, either individuals or professionals (Price, On-time deliveries, quality products, after sales service.)

Anyone can do business on the internet but not everyone has the capabilities. Behind all the products we sell are backup of a team of professionals responsible for you to discover and select New rigorously in the best quality and compliance with standards.

Quality and product safety are a priority at Hi-Tech Corp . Our motto: Selling a product that will not return to a customer who will return!

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